Solving corporate digital transformation challenges.

beBit is a consultant and engineer group that solves various challenges related to corporate digital transformation. We support companies from developing UX strategies and designing overall value journeys to individual service design, UX planning, and improvement tasks, providing end-to-end assistance.

By digitizing all experiential data, we envision a world called “After Digital” where there are no boundaries between real and digital, and we actively expand our business and organization while promoting globalization towards achieving “business growth centered on UX” and “social updates through UX.


USERGRAM is our flagship SaaS product, a fast-paced tool that analyzes individual user behavior to inform business plans and marketing strategies. We continuously optimize, evolve, and enhance its usability, ensuring it is easy to use and understand for independent users.

More than 130 companies are using USERGRAM to analyze the behavior from a user base of over a billion people.

International product team

We are 25+ talented IT Engineers from 9 different countries, who are responsible for our flagship product USERGRAM. We are organized as scrum teams with self reliable and cross-functional features. We aim to use the latest technologies and approaches, and find simple solutions for complex problems.


  • Company provided a High Spec Macbook.
  • Subsidized coffee, drinks and snacks.
  • Hot desk office: you can work at any desk at any time: work standing up, work at the coffee counter, work secluded, work outside on our roof terrace, or work on the couches or work benches. Check our designer office environment here.
  • FTE regular employment, protected by Japanese labor law.
  • Kanto ITS Japanese socialized company health insurance: discounts on domestic restaurants, travel, and sports clubs.
  • Annual performance-based bonuses.
  • No dress code when not meeting with customers.
  • Paperless office for engineering (with exceptions for legal compliance).
  • Private rest area (for naps).
  • Support for self-education (conditions apply).
  • Business Japanese Training Classes (conditions apply).
  • Domestic public transportation commuting allowance (conditions apply).
  • Domestic moving-cost support (conditions apply)
  • Congratulatory payment (for birth; conditions apply).


Remote Work
  • We typically hire candidates who reside in the Tokyo area to ensure flexibility for onsite work when needed. For those residing in Japan but outside the Tokyo area, we offer domestic moving-cost support (conditions apply).
  • Currently, everyone primarily works remotely from home, but we may require you to attend the office for a few days each month or week in the future.
  • For now, attendance is generally only required for special cases, such as internal events (not mandatory) or submitting documentation.
  • You are welcome to work from the office if you prefer.
  • Paid vacation (10 days are given on the first working day. The number of days increases yearly up to a max of 20 days after the 6th year.)
  • Weekends (Saturday & Sunday)
  • Japan National Public Holidays
  • “Congratulations” leave and bereavement leave (immediate family member)
  • Maternity and paternity leave
  • Childcare leave
  • Caregiving leave
Working Hours
  • We normally use a “discretionary labor system” for our product development team, meaning you’ll get to set your own hours
  • However, each scrum team has daily stand-up meetings (usually starting at 11am), so you’ll need to start working around that time

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