Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

AI body size estimation software and platform.

Bodygram is a user-friendly body measurement application. Simply take two photos, one from the front and one from the side, and enter basic information to obtain an accurate full-body measurement. The photos can be taken by yourself with our Selfie Mode and taken anywhere, including outdoors or indoors and against complicated backgrounds.

Our customers include Airweave, a manufacturer and seller of bedding, Selery Corporation, a manufacturer of uniforms, Sogo & Seibu, a retail company that operates two department stores.

International from the top down

Our executive team is composed of international members. Though 75% of our engineering team is Japanese, some of them are fluent English speakers, and even those who aren’t fluent can still understand simple English conversations and communicate using written English. We already have some engineers who don’t speak Japanese fluently, and don’t require any Japanese abilities for many of our engineering positions.

Our Response to COVID-19

Full remote work is allowed under the State of Emergency. Once the State of Emergency is cancelled, we allow working from home up to twice a week.

Open Jobs at Bodygram

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