Taito-ku, Tokyo

Digitalization of the manufacturing industry

CADDi makes enterprise software for the manufacturing industry.

We aim to drive digitalization in the manufacturing industry, where many areas still suffer from a lack of clear standards. Establishing the industry standard is the key to streamlining and improving day-to-day operations and processes. This will require robust and flexible software development through data models that can adapt to changes in the industry.

Our software truly reflects each user’s on the ground operations. Understanding their operating process and its components, then selecting suitable data design and structure will help redefine and optimize their tasks.

For more details on CADDi’s business, please see our official site’s page on our globalization effort.

We work in small teams using Scrum

Our development teams typically have four or five members, and are supported by a Tech Lead and Engineering Manager. The development cycles are based on Scrum, and we use JIRA to track tasks.

Choice of fully remote or visiting the office

We allow employees to work fully remotely. Though our head office is in Tokyo, you can live anywhere in Japan.

An increasingly international team

There are over fifty members in our rapidly growing engineering team, and about four of them come from international backgrounds. We have plans to accelerate our overseas expansion starting this year, and the number of international members will increase rapidly. Though our main language is Japanese, we don’t require any Japanese ability, as some of our members speak English, including the CTO who is a native English speaker.

We support relocation from overseas

If you aren’t in Japan yet, we welcome you to apply. We’ll help you obtain a visa and provide relocation support. While waiting to be relocated, you’ll work remotely. Because we do a fair amount of synchronous work, we’ll have you work Japanese business hours (an eight hour work day plus one hour lunch, sometime between 9:00 and 20:00 JST).

Our response to COVID-19

We’ve transitioned to remote work to ensure employees safety during COVID, and we’ll continue this even after it subsides. While we’re open to considering engineers looking to relocate to Japan, travel restrictions have made it difficult to give a clear timeframe for relocation. Should we extend you an offer, we’ll apply for a certificate of eligibility for you, that will make obtaining a visa trivial once the borders open, and we’re open to making special accommodations, such as starting you on a remote contract.

Open Jobs at CADDi

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