Tools for YouTube creators to grow their channel.

Creator Ninja develops and provides a platform that establishes an economic zone with YouTube creators.

Creator Ninja receives support and funding from Freakout Holdings (one of the top digital marketing public companies in Japan) and East Ventures (top VC in Asia).

Recently YouTubers and other video creators are getting social attention, various companies use them as influencers when advertising.

We continuously pursue products that encourage a world where companies are more likely to use creators and influencers for advertising and to generate market excitement.

Data analysis for YouTube

Creator Ninja is developing a dashboard “TUBERS” that provides data analysis through its database that covers domestic YouTube channels. This is a tool to support a YouTube marketing strategy that allows you to check rankings, comprehensive data, and creator competitions.

International team, bilingual communication

Our team is made up of many different nationalities and we have team members working from the UK and Mexico. For the Tech team communication happens almost exclusively in English and for the rest of the team it’s a mix of English and Japanese.

Flexible, horizontal and transparent work environment

We highly value autonomy, accountability and proactive communication. We welcome and encourage participation and ideas coming from everyone. We offer flextime so you can work at your best pace, with core hours from 13:00 to 18:00 JST.

Fully Remote

We are a fully remote company. A few times a year and if the conditions allow for it, we meet to celebrate company and team achievements. This is completely optional.

Tech Stack

  • Front end: React.js, Nextjs, Netlify, Vercel
  • Mobile: React Native, Flutter
  • Back end: NodeJS, Golang, Python, Elasticsearch, Postgresql
  • Infra: Google Cloud Platform

Our interview process

We want to provide a clear and smooth process for our candidate from application to offer:

  • 45 to 60 minutes call with the CTO
  • 60 minutes call with an Engineering team member (expect some technical discussions)
  • 45 to 60 minutes call with the CEO
  • Offer

Open Jobs at Creator Ninja

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