Japan's #1 IP Game Platform Company

We are Japan’s No. 1 IP game platform company, specializing in creating and distributing browser games. Join us and become part of a passionate tech team working on building cutting-edge technologies in the gaming industry.

Our work environment is fast-paced and dynamic, providing endless opportunities for growth and development. CTW is on the cutting edge of our browser gaming niche and we’re constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

You’ll be joining a collaborative and supportive environment in a growing tech team whose contributions are essential to our success!

We turn Japanese IP into exciting video games

We work with popular Japanese publishers (of hits like Goblin Slayer and Queen’s Blade) to turn their IP into exciting video game experiences on our G123 HTML5 platform.

CTW’s goals are to:

  • Spread Japanese culture to our players around the world
  • Make the best IP video game experience on any browser
  • Enrich the source material for each IP’s existing fanbase

We’ve built a game platform

G123 is essentially a game console that exists in your browser. Users can access the games on any browser-ready device, at the press of a button, whenever they want.

This is good for business because:

  • Players have an ever-growing variety of game experiences
  • Revenue and reach grow with every new game launch
  • No downloads, updates or installs slowing the fun

Creative freedom for developers

CTW’s tech team makes purpose-built tools to support every part of our business.

  • We recognize our all-star team
  • You take ownership of your work
  • We give you freedom to try and fail
  • So you can focus on value-based results

Feel your contribution

It’s tough to see the big picture at Microsoft, Amazon, Google or Meta. At CTW, devs don’t see the big picture. You make it.

  • You’ll be innovating and challenging the world of Big Tech.
  • You’ll design and see the impact of every tool you make.
  • You’ll set the standard that others will chase in the industry.

And all your mental resources can be dedicated to experimenting, exploring, and mastering your craft.

Succeed together, build bigger and better.

We rely on motivation 3.0

Autonomy. Things move fast here. Very fast. A new person — showing drive & ambition — can take sole ownership of a project at the end of their very first week! Some become team leaders in months. You can handle something; you take it over.

Mastery. Here, you’ll be working with the best. And knowledge sharing is built in. You’ll quickly specialize in your area and learn concrete skills — exploring ever wider and deeper. Things that don’t work are dropped. Those that do are rewarded. Freedom to experiment drives self-learning. Self-learning and experience lead to mastery.

Purpose. The nature of our business is fast. The size of our company means we’re agile. And so there’s a lot of collaboration among teams. You see how your work impacts CTW.inc every day and there’s never any doubt who did what. Drive is its own reward.

Industry-leading work-life harmony

Our working hours are from 10:00 to 19:00. Overtime is rare and discouraged.

We work at the office

We offer free lunch catering and an early-bird breakfast, cover your commuting fee, and offer a housing allowance for staff living within two stops of the office.

Open Jobs at CTW

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