Minato-ku, Tokyo

Services that deliver happiness every day.

dely is the company behind Kurashiru and Trill. Kurashiru is an app with over 30 million downloads, making it Japan’s most popular recipe video service. Trill is a women’s fashion and lifestyle site with over 45 million monthly active users.

Becoming more international

While only three of our thirty-eight engineers are non-Japanese, we’ve already extended offers to two more international engineers, and are looking to hire more.

We communicate internally in English as much as possible, and don’t require any Japanese abilities.

We want to bring you to Japan

We’re explicitly looking to hire international developers and bring them to Japan. We welcome anyone already living in Japan to apply too of course.

Partially Remote

While we don’t currently support full remote work, you can work from home every Wednesday and Friday. We also allow remote work under other specific circumstances.

Our response to COVID-19

During the state of emergency for COVID-19, we may allow you to work fully remotely. Similarly, we may approve remote work in situations such as if you have symptoms of COVID-19 or close contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19.

Open Jobs at dely

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