Creating useful products for people all over the world.

EDOCODE is a startup company that was founded with the goal of conceptualizing and developing services needed across the globe. We work to create relevant products that will be used by people of all backgrounds. We endeavor to leverage IT/web technologies to provide solutions to everyday inconveniences and ultimately contribute to bettering the world.

We prioritize diversity

We are a team that prioritizes diversity, having 60/40 male to female ratio, and 65/35 Japanese to foreign ratio. From this diversity we work to create relevant products that will be used by people of all backgrounds.

We follow Lean XP

Our team adapts the Lean XP product development process. Lean XP is a software development approach that blends Lean and Extreme Programming(XP) principles to deliver customer value efficiently and eliminate waste. It emphasizes collaboration, flexibility, and continuous improvement through practices like continuous integration, testing, and pair programming. The goal is to deliver value quickly and with high quality. What it means to how we work from a day-to-day basis is:

  • User focus: We strive to have a strong understanding of the user’s needs and prioritize delivering value to them.
  • Pairing: We work in pairs to reduce communication cost and for faster decision-making process. You will be working closely with another engineer to develop solutions that provides value to our users.
  • Small, incremental delivery: We focus on delivering small, usable pieces of functionality frequently, rather than large batches infrequently.
  • Test-driven development: We write automated tests before writing code to ensure that the code meets the desired requirements.

Flexible working hours

EDOCODE has a flextime system, so as long as you work during the core hours of 10:00 - 16:00, the rest of your time is free.

Relocation support

If you’re based overseas, we’ll provide support on obtaining a Japanese working visa.

Fully remote or drop by our office

At EDOCODE, employees have the flexibility to work from either home or the office. With the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, remote work has become the norm and starting from 2023, our employees can choose to work either remotely or in-office as per their preference. We also offer the option of fully remote work for those who do not wish to come into the office.

Working remotely from overseas is an option if your timezone is within two-hours of Japan.

Open Jobs at EDOCODE

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