An all-in-one event management tool.

EventHub is a B2B event management tool that supports both online and offline events. More than 250 companies use our product, including companies like Microsoft, Salesforce, Zoom, and Slack. Cumulatively we have had over 300,000 participants join our events.

To accelerate our growth, we completed a 230 million yen seed round with Salesforce Ventures and Sansan Inc at the end of 2019. Since then, our team has grown from 11 to 40 members, with plans to grow even more.

An internationally minded team

Our CEO, Rie Yamamoto, spent her childhood in the United States and Japan, and previously worked in San Francisco before returning to Japan. Our CTO, Masaya Iseki, interned at Google where he worked on Google Chrome.

With about 40% of our full-time employees being Japanese who have experienced living abroad, and one of our engineers being from Denmark, we’re already starting with an international mindset. We’re striving to become even more diverse, so we welcome everyone to join us.

We’ve started with Japan, but are looking to expand abroad

10% of our end users are non-Japanese, and we’re starting to plan our international expansion. Your own experience as an international person will be greatly appreciated in helping to steer the future of our product.

A great place to improve your Japanese ability

Your day-to-day work will be conducted in Japanese, but you don’t need to be a perfectly fluent speaker. Rather, we’re looking for someone who can use what ability they do have to make themselves understood in Japanese, even if it isn’t always completely natural.

Many of our members are fluent English speakers, including our executives and head of HR, and so you will have opportunities to communicate in English as well.

Flextime and remote work

We offer flextime, with a core time of 12pm to 5pm. Apart from this coretime, you’re free to work the hours you want.

You have the option of working remotely. While we typically meet in the office every Friday, there’s some flexibility depending on the team and position.

Our tech stack

  • TypeScript, React, and styled-components on the frontend
  • TypeScript, Node.js, NestJS, and TypeORM on the backend
  • AWS (Fargate, Elastic Beanstalk) for our infra, and MySQL as our database

Hiring Process

  1. Casual chat. Have a casual chat with our head of HR or CTO to get a better understanding of what working with us is like.
  2. Technical interview. A member of the team you plan to join will evaluate you on whether your technical skills match.
  3. Reference check. We’ll conduct a background check to better understand how you’ll best fit into our organization.
  4. Final interview. The last interview will be conducted by our CEO or CTO (or both).

Our Response to COVID-19

During a state of emergency, we recommend all employees work fully remotely. Outside of that, we ask that people come to the office one day per week.

Open Jobs at EventHub

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