Making factories smarter with machine learning.

Factories lose millions of dollars each year when their lines stop or produce flawed products. Many manufacturers have not had access to the latest software technologies, and so this presents an opportunity to make a big impact.

We are an early-stage startup looking to modernize industrial manufacturing through enterprise software, with our beachhead customers being steel tube production lines. Our platform collects, integrates, transforms, stores, analyzes, displays, and provides real-time alerts for telemetry on factory lines. This includes data from hardware sensors, enterprise IT data, and streaming video. This provides factories with the ability to catch and communicate errors early and provide recommendations to reduce their occurrence. We specialize in providing real-time insights, factory-specific intelligence, and end-to-end solutions for data management.

We were founded by experts in Industry 4.0 and advanced manufacturing, and have just closed on an agreement to expand our partnership with our pilot customer. We are ready to start growing our team; now is the time to get in on the ground floor of an exciting opportunity!

International team in Japan

Our internal communication is all in English, and so no Japanese ability is required. There’s the opportunity to use Japanese to communicate with our customers, though this is not something we’re explicitly hiring for.

As our beachhead customer is based in Japan, and the complexity of the product and the use case means that having the ability to physically visit the factory, even if just once or twice, would make it much easier to build the right mental models for development, our entire development team is currently based here.

Our response to COVID-19

We’ve worked remotely since the beginning.

Our hiring process

After reviewing your application, we’ll invite you to speak with our tech lead to determine the next steps. In some cases, we may ask you to complete a simple coding exercise, for which we pay a small fee and generally conduct asynchronously. After that you will meet with a few members of the team before receiving an offer.

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