A travel fintech company.

KabuK Style Inc. is a travel tech company that owns and operates travel subscription service HafH. The service offers an easy booking experience, as rather than dealing with fluctuating prices based on the date of your stay and the time of your reservation, HafH charges a fixed monthly fee and converts it into a unique points program. This enables you to enjoy a more economical experience without the hassle of price fluctuations.

Not a traditional Japanese company

The culture of KabuK Style is really quite different from other traditional Japanese companies. So if you’re looking to experience that kind of company, we’re not for you. However, if you expect rationality, diversity and uniqueness from a company you work for, we could be a match.

Going global

While we started in Japan, now we’re expanding globally. Initially we’re targeting South Korea and Taiwan, and then are considering China. As we intended to go global from the beginning, we’ve always had some English speaking members. While the language balance is still a mix, we anticipate English to soon be the dominant language within the company.

Engineers are respected

Engineers are respected not only because the company is product-driven, but also the core of our business model is going to be realized by a software. We’re relying on our software engineers to move the company forward, and so they have the opportunity to contribute strengthening the business. This sense of ownership has been exciting for our engineers.

No micromangement

We don’t believe in micro-management. Instead, we look for our members to be accountable for their work hours, as by being transparent we can build trust among each other.


Remote Work

We’ve been a fully remote company since our foundation, so we accept candidates from anywhere in the world.

To make ensure a good experience for everyone, we ask our members to work a place with a high-speed and stable internet connection (> 10Mbps), communicate proactively to complete their tasks, and solve problems using appropriate communication tools like slack, notion and zoom.

Relocation Support

Because we are fully remote, we do not support any relocation.

Open Jobs at KabuK Style

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