A local services marketplace.

MeetsMore is a local services marketplace. We don’t believe in blitzscaling. We believe in listening to our users and building a product that they can rely on. We think our investment has paid off. We’re the only company in the world that has fully automated the surprisingly difficult task of “get a job request from a customer and send them a good estimate of how much it will cost”. We’ve done this across hundreds of different services all across Japan, from wedding photographers in Tokyo, to tax accountants in Kyoto, to gardeners in Hokkaido.

International engineering and product team

We are an international engineering and product team of people from all over the world. Most of us are based in Japan right now but we also have several people in Europe. We speak in a mix of English and Japanese and do live interpretation for any meetings that have attendees that cannot speak English (mostly on the business side).

Interesting technical challenges

While sometimes just getting something out quickly is important, we also have many tasks that involve deep thinking and problem solving. For instance, building our UI to display which neighbourhoods a professional would accept a work order from involved building a pipeline to transform publicly available data into something that could be displayed in a performant manner while still maintaining a high enough degree of fidelity.

Building the foundation for the next decade

We’ve already found product-market fit, and so now we’re going back and reengineering a lot of our systems for the long term. If you join our platform team, you’ll have other engineers as your customers, and be able to focus on building well designed and specced systems.


Remote Work
  • A combination of remote and in the office.
  • If you live in Tokyo, we expect that you’ll come to the office one day per week.
  • Living in Japan outside of Tokyo is also an option, and in that case you can work fully remotely.
  • Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays
  • New Year holidays (December 29th - January 3rd)
  • Annual paid leave
  • Congratulatory and condolence leave
Working Hours
  • Flextime
Relocation Support
  • We expect that you’ll relocate to Japan
  • We’ll work with you to figure out a plan to relocate you here.
  • In addition to visa sponsorship, we provide a ¥200,000 relocation budget.

Open Jobs at MeetsMore

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