Pioneers in cyborg development.

MELTIN is a startup operating in the field of cyborg development. We’re built around two core technologies: bio-signal processing and robot mechanisms. We most recently raised $17.7 million in 2018 to accelerate the development and practical application of their cyborg technologies.

Bio-Signal Processing

Bio-signals are the electrical signals passed through nerves in the human bodies that allow us to move our limbs and allow our brains to receive information from our senses. The unique bio-signal processing algorithm that MELTIN has produced allows for highly-accurate real-time analyses of these movements.

As well as being able to accurately distinguish between an open hand and a closed fist, it can also process “scissoring” motions with the fingers, as well as bending and extending the thumb and bending the wrist. In total it can process 12 types of complex movements as needed. It can also distinguish between adjacent muscle movements, as well as composite motions such as “Bending fingers while twisting the wrist”. All of this allows for intuitive control of cyborgs in a way that requires no special training.

Robot Mechanisms

In order to create the hand movement mechanisms, we thoroughly researched the human body, in particular the structure of muscles and tendons. We landed on the concept of MELTANT-α itself through the idea of directly copying the human hand. MELTIN has reproduced the complex finger movements in a wire-driven manner. The hand we produced is able to perform power-varied actions such as holding an egg without cracking it, picking up and holding a laptop, and shaking a 500 ml drink bottle containing a liquid.

These strong and delicate movements would never have been possible using traditional robotics but have been reproduced here in a form that is the same size and weight as a human hand. There are no previous examples of a technology like this anywhere else in the world. It is a completely new technology that reproduces traits unique to human hands such as delicateness, dexterity, and strength, while still maintaining the same form factor as a hand.

MELTz Hand Rehabilitation System

MELTz Hand Movement Rehabilitation System launched in September 2022. It is a device for neurorehabilitation in patients with hand paralysis, and provides stable and continuous neuroscience-based support, helping patients relearn how to move their hands.

Highly technical CEO

Our CEO received a Ph.D. degree in robotics and artificial intelligence in 2016. He is responsible for a wide variety of developmental activities, such as circuit and mechanical designing, firmware development, and network system construction.

International team

You’ll be joining a team with 3 other international engineers. The team lead is fluent in Japanese, but you’ll be communicating internally in English.


Remote Work

While full remote isn’t possible, depending on the project, you’ll be able to work remotely about two days per week.

Open Jobs at MELTIN

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