O Ltd.

Minato-Ku, Tokyo

A metaverse for deep creation.

O is an art technology studio based in the US and Japan. O’s mission is to amplify creativity through our daily digital interfaces. O is building interfaces that enable new realizations and artistic discoveries through the process of collaborating with the visualization of our thinking.

Our main product is MEs, a metaverse application where creators and artists foster their ideas and creativity while connecting with each other freely. It works as a “second brain”, where users can create a personal knowledge collection, and also includes a multiplayer world.

Shape the future of the company

As a developer, you’ll be working on a product that is the heart of the company. You’ll be able to work with a variety of creators through active discussions from initial product design to implementation.

Exceptional and diverse team

We are a team that includes former entrepreneurs, people who have worked in tech companies such as Google, Yamaha, CyberAgent, Ubisoft, and Cluster, people who have placed second in the Chinese Coding Olympics, and people who have developed their own game engines from scratch. All of the dev team comes from international backgrounds, and unites with one passion, to build MEs!

You can work remotely

Remote work is basically OK, but you may be encouraged to come to the office depending on the situation.

Open Jobs at O Ltd.

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