Personalized recipes and menus for a healthy life.

Oishi Kenko is an app that provides personalized recipes and menu creation, with a focus on supporting people with health issues such as diabetes or high blood pressure. Our name literally means “delicious health”, and so we work with doctors and nutritionists to help people eat balanced meals that actually taste great.

See your impact on the product

Unlike a big company, where you might be stuck just churning out bug fixes or making tiny tweaks, you’ll have a enormous impact on our product. You’ll be able to point to specific contributions you’ve made, and see first hand how they improve our users’ lives.

While the code you write will be a big part of this, we encourage everyone to help shape the future of the product. Anyone can come up with the concept for a new feature or change, and pitch it to management for incorporation in a new version.

Individual freedom with collaboration as needed

You’ll have the freedom to choose what you work on, and how you accomplish it. You can choose an ambitious task that will take several weeks or a month to complete, or pick a task you can get done in an hour. We don’t micromanage, and so you’re free to approach your tasks however works best for you.

That’s not to say we’re a bunch of lone wolves. We all enjoy collaborating with each other. This could be as simple as bouncing ideas off each other, but we also use techniques like pair programming for more complex tasks or getting newcomers up to speed.

Work healthily and flexibly

Helping people be healthy in an individually tailored way is at the core of what we do. This extends to our working environment.

This starts with our generous vacation package of twenty days of paid leave a year, which you can use anytime you’d like. In addition to this you’ll have national holidays, three days of summer vacation, and four or five days of new years holidays. Our CEO encourages everyone to take long vacations to recharge, and lots of our members love to travel abroad, so you’re welcome to take a week or two off in a row.

We also understand different people have different schedules, and so offer flextime with core hours of 10:00am to 3:30pm, but beyond that you’re free to manage your time as you’d like. Want to take off early one day, and work a bit more another? No problem. Our employees really do take advantage of this, so you’ll see people heading home as early as 3:30pm.

We also give you the option to work remotely one day per week. This can be a great opportunity to work deeply on a task while avoiding interruptions.

If you have special circumstances, such as needing to take care of a child or relative, that requires even more flexibility, we can be accommodating, so please don’t hesitate to apply to us, and we’ll do our best to work something out.

Internationally minded

Our engineering team currently has fifteen members, two of which are non-Japanese. We want to make our team more international, and many of our Japanese members are fluent English speakers. This being said, we prefer people with some degree of Japanese ability.

We’re also happy for people who are currently overseas but looking to relocate to Japan to join us. We’ll support you on obtaining a working visa, cover the cost of your airfare, and provide you with temporary housing while you look for more permanent accommodations.

Our response to COVID-19

Our business hasn’t been significantly impacted by COVID-19, and so we’re continuing to recruit engineers. For the time being, we’re having our employees work from home, but will adjust our policies as the situation progresses.

While travel restrictions are in place, we’re still open to overseas candidates who are extraordinarily good matches. We don’t have a specific policy for onboarding overseas hires in the current situation, and will handle people on a case-by-case basis.

Open Jobs at Oishi Kenko

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