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DevSecOps Engineer


Minato-ku, Tokyo
    💴 ¥7M ~ ¥15M annually
    🏡 Fully remote
    🧪 Minimum years of experience unspecified
    💬 No Japanese required
    🌏 Apply from abroad
    🧳 Relocate to Japan

About PayPay

PayPay Minato-ku, Tokyo

With over 55 million registered users (as of February 2023), PayPay is the country’s most popular mobile wallet. Half of all of Japan's smartphone users are using it, and more than 2 billion payments made per year.

Key benefits

  • International engineering team
  • Japanese lessons on company time
  • Incredible scale

About the position

PayPay is looking for a DevSecOps Engineer to work with our development teams on maintaining the security of our payment system to deliver the best payment experience for our customers.

PayPay DevSecOps focuses on the automation of security configuration, testing, verification and monitoring. A strong candidate will have a good understanding of security best practices as well as an understanding of how to apply those principles to systems at scale following the DevOps methodology.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Security architecture reviews and threat modeling of existing and upcoming projects.
  • Training of PayPay development staff on security best practices and its practical application.
  • Implementing and maintaining automated security solutions such as configuration management, vulnerability testing, logging, monitoring and incident responses.
  • Supporting automation with manual testing and review where required.
  • Working in a fast paced environment where projects and prioritization may change frequently but maintaining a secure product is a requirement for all team members.

Required Experience

  • Minimum of four years of security focused experience
  • Experience leading projects tasked with improving product security and or DevOps security
  • Minimum of three years experience with:
    • Java and Python
    • ELK, Kafka, Redis
    • Docker, Kubernetes and OCIs
  • Basic working knowledge of AWS EC2 and IAM

Preferred Qualifications

  • One or more of Golang, Javascript/Typescript, Kotlin and Scala
  • Experience with security Android and iOS Applications
  • ArgoCD, CircleCI Github Actions, Jenkins, Snyk, SonarQube
  • MySQL/AuroraDB, DynamoDB, Neo4J
  • KMS, Secrets Manager, WAF, Networking (VPC & Subnets)


7 to 15 million JPY annually.


7 to 15 million JPY annually.

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Yoseph joined PayPay after being attracted to their mission of making Japan a cashless society. As an iOS Engineer, he originally joined their iOS feature team, but now works on their platform team, creating an internal SDK for their iOS and Android apps.

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Shilei started working on PayPay before it launched, and has seen it grow into a product used by tens of millions of users. He explains how diversity has helped them overcome challenges, and what PayPay is looking for in candidates.

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Refactoring PayPay’s Android App

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