Phoenix Game Productions

Fukushima-ku, Osaka

Outstanding game and level design.

Phoenix Game Productions LLC is a video game development studio located in Osaka, Japan. Established by veterans of the Japanese game industry, Phoenix Game Productions places its focus on outstanding game and level design, while maintaining a healthy work environment that allows for proper work-life balance.

Varied work on smaller and larger titles with western and Japanese clients

We are in a great position where we are co-developing bigger titles together with companies both in Japan and in Europe, while also developing smaller indie projects in-house. For our employees, that means they are able to gather a lot of experience on a variety of titles with different workflows and development philosophies.

Flexible, remote work environment

Work/life balance and a healthy workstyle is important to us. As part of that, our company has flexible work hours and almost all of the work is done remotely (we provide all necessary work equipment). Our staff sometimes meet up in person for brainstorming or work sessions, but in general employees can work from home. Of course this also means that being able to properly communicate and take responsibility are also very important to us. But as long as potential candidates have these traits, they will find a lot of freedom in our workstyle.

Open, supportive company culture

Since we are a smaller company, each employee plays an important role in development and gets to become an owner of important features on a project. While a certain responsibility comes with that, our philosophy is to always be supportive of each other and help each other out. If someone runs into a problem or feels they need a helping hand, they are never just left on their own.

Open Jobs at Phoenix Game Productions

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