Recruitment software for recruitment agencies.

Porters develops and operates SaaS for businesses in the human resources industry, and has one of the largest market shares in the domestic recruitment industry. We use machine learning technology to improve matching accuracy through detailed job-seeking and job information analysis, and work with recruiting, temporary staffing, and human resources to improve their workflows through automation.

International atmosphere

Over half of our employees are originally from overseas. Communication within the company is mainly in Japanese, and documentation is written in English, though we have the occasional discussion in both languages.

Open culture

We encourage a culture of openness and sharing, both through more formal activities like workshops and surveys, but also through informal chats both within teams and across departments.

Freedom and independence

We give our members a lot of freedom, as to successfully grow our business, we need different perspectives, experiences, and skills.

Come to our office and enjoy our drinks

We have a drink bar at our office where you can enjoy free soft drinks and alcholic beverages.

Work fully remotely

In principle, you can choose to work fully remotely. However, exceptional circumstances may still require you to come to the office, so we ask that you live within two hours of it.

Open Jobs at Porters

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