Real-time collaborative visual programming.

Progummy provides a visual programming service that connects children around the world, allowing them to learn and collaborate in real-time online. Our platform is based on the Scratch programming language, making it familiar to educators worldwide.

Highly technical CEO

Our CEO and founder was previously a software engineer, and built the prototype version of Progummy himself.

A small, global, international team

Our team currently has 15 members, 6 of which are engineers. Our members are distributed globally, with people residing in Japan, Hungary, Ecuador, and Poland. Sometimes we need to talk synchronously, and so you might have the occasional meeting late at night or early in the morning (though we’ll try our best to adjust it to everyone’s schedule and needs).

An agile project management style

We use an agile task-based work with sprint-based iterations, with a daily online standup, a planning meeting every week, and a bi-weekly sprint review and retrospective. This process is something we’re still optimizing though, and so we’d love your ideas on how to improve it.

Open Jobs at Progummy

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