AI-powered voice transcription and analytics platform.

RevComm develops and delivers the best in class AI-powered voice transcription and analytics platform that helps businesses streamline their voice communication at all levels. Over 1000 companies are using our products, and we handle over 150,000 calls per day.

We’ve built our platform entirely in house

While our competitors use external APIs like Google Speech as part of their system, we have our own research team and have built everything in-house. This gives us a competitive advantage as we can more easily customize our system, and improve the performance while lowering the running costs.

A global team

Though we initially built our product for the Japanese market, we’re now getting ready to sell our services in the US as well as the rest of the world. Creating a borderless diverse culture will not only help with that, but also foster and spark creativity.

We know that making the transition from an engineering team that is primarily Japanese to an international one is not without its challenges. However, we have recently begun hiring engineers regardless of their nationality, as long as they are fluent in English.

This new global team will use English to communicate, and so no Japanese skills are required.


Remote Work

We are a remote-first company and our employees can live anywhere in Japan.

Working Hours

Our business hours are 10:00 - 19:00 with a 1 hour lunch break, but we offer flextime without core time. We do have meetings during business hours though, so you’ll need to be available for those. Otherwise, you can work pretty much anytime you want as long as you meet the required 40 hours a week.

Relocation Support

If you are not currently located in Japan, we will help you relocate by sponsoring your visa.

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