Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

AI generated royalty-free music.

SOUNDRAW is a music composition service for video creators. Simply specify the genre, the song length and the instruments you want, and the AI will generate music for you based on your needs. You can then choose a song you like from the generated music and customize it further: move the hook (or “high point”) of a song, change the tempo, or change the intensity of a bar to make the music fit your video perfectly.

Democratizing music composition

SOUNDRAW wants to democratize music composition and bring about a world where anyone can create music, even without music skills.

As the number of creators grows rapidly each year, the need for content creation tools is becoming more and more critical. Traditionally, a creator would put together some content, such as a video or podcast, and then search for background music on a royalty-free music site such as Artlist or Epidemic Sound. Not only can it take hours to find a suitable song, it will never perfectly match the content.

With SOUNDRAW, instead of spending hours searching for the song you need, you create it in minutes.

Be involved from the beginning

We’re a startup in the 1 → 10 phase, and so as one of our first hires in the engineering team, you’ll be able to have a profound impact on our product. You’ll be able to freely propose and discuss improvements not only in the engineering area, but also in the company-wide and organizational areas.

We value diversity

We recognize that diversity is not only a moral imperative but also a business imperative, and we are looking for candidates who share our commitment to creating a workplace culture that respects and values diversity in all its forms.

We would love to achieve gender parity at some point, although as in all tech companies, it is not an easy feat.

The team is culturally diverse, with about 15 members from 8 different nationalities. Needless to say, Soundraw is a safe space for LGBTQ+ folks, the COO being one of them.

Remote with offline socialization

Work is basically full remote, but we believe offline time together is essential to stay happy and motivated, so we hold (optional) get-togethers regularly: a team retreat once every few months, a weekly happy hour at WeWork, a monthly all-hands meeting, etc.

We try to create a high level of camaraderie even when we are fully remote.

Note: Your location doesn’t matter, but at least 4 of your working hours per day need to overlap with Tokyo’s working hours.

Tech Culture/Support

  • Tech is selected by discussing with engineers
  • We actively adopt new tech
  • We actively work on technical debt

Tech Stack

  • Backend: Ruby on Rails
  • Frontend: Javascript, Vue.js. It may be replaced by TypeScript and React.
  • Machine learning: Python
  • Database: PostgreSQL, MongoDB (might be dropped soon), Redis
  • Test: Jest, RSpec
  • Infrastructure: Heroku, AWS
  • Monitoring: Papertrail, BugSnag
  • CI/CD: CircleCI
  • Source code management: GitHub
  • Ticket management: Pivotal Tracker

Open Jobs at Soundraw

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