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English learning using artificial intelligence.

SpeakBuddy is an online service that helps users acquire language abilities. We believe that the spoken language sends a message not to the brain, but to the heart. Language learners need tons of speaking practice, but that costs too much money and time, so we created AI buddies on a smartphone. SpeakBuddy helps learners to acquire solid language skills, especially focusing on speaking skills.

Our communication

We typically use both English and Japanese for internal communication. More than 20% of our members are from different countries including the US, the UK, Australia, Netherlands, Norway, and China. Also, many of our Japanese members speak conversational level English.

However, the users of our services are Japanese, so some Japanese reading and speaking proficiency would be a great asset, though not a hard requirement.

Overseas applicants welcomed

We accept overseas developers looking to relocate to Japan. We’ll help with all of the visa processing and paperwork.

Fully remote

Apart from attending an all company meeting in Tokyo every 3 months, there are no requirements for how many days people need to come into the office, and members are free to choose if they’d like to commute to the office or work from home.

We are generally looking for people to work from Japan however. In truly exception cases, we may accept candidates working from overseas remotely, but we’ll handle this on a case-by-case basis.

Open Jobs at SpeakBUDDY

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