Pioneering obstetrics technology.

620,000 perinatal deaths, deaths of fetuses between 22 weeks and newborns that are within 7 days of birth, occur annually, with 98% of deaths being in developing countries.

CTGs (cardiotocogram) are a medical device that observes the wellbeing of a fetus based on its heartbeat and mother’s uterine contractions. While they are commonly used in developed countries, a shortage of medical professionals in Africa means that even in hospitals where CTG has been introduced, there’s not enough people to properly monitor the devices.

Spiker is developing an AI engine for these CTGs that will replace the labor-intensive part of fetus monitoring, freeing medical professionals to spend time on high-priority tasks.

See our company introduction (Japanese) for more details about us.

Connecting Africa and Japan

Before starting Spiker, our co-founder, Ayako Kasai, spent more than ten years of experience working in East Africa, including founding East Africa’s first Japanese consulting firm. By launching the product first in Africa, we’ll not only be able to help in one of the places where it is most needed, but also be able to collect data in a place with an incredibly high birth rate, which we will later be able to apply to other parts of the world.

A small team with a big mission

We have a total of 6 people working on the business, including the founders and engineers. We are working closely with R&D partners and advisors with academic backgrounds. Also, several hospitals in Japan and Africa have agreed to partner with us in the development process. You will collaborate closely with not only our engineers but also external partners and advisors.

Flexible hours and location

We’re working fully remotely, and so there’s no need to go to an office. We welcome anyone from around the world to join us, as long as your timezone is within 7 hours of Japan. Apart from this provision for having some overlap in working time with our members in Japan, you’re free to set your own schedule.

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