Simplifying B2B payment.

In the less than two years since we released UPSIDER Card, thousands of companies have started using our service. The main driver of all this growth has been word of mouth, as our customers have been extremely satisfied with our service.

Small team, huge amounts of money

In October 2022, we raised ¥46.7 billion (approximately 342 million USD) in loans. This was in addition to the ¥15 Billion series C we raised in May of that year. This is a huge amount of money for a startup, but with our business model, where we provide services for growing companies such as corporate cards, it’s necessary.

What makes this truly exceptional is that we’re a startup with under 40 employees, about half of which are engineers. Because of this, if you join our team, your decisions will have a huge potential impact.

Balance rapid growth with robustness

As we grow, we have many new functions we want to add. But as a service that handles payment, we also need to provide an extreme level of robustness. Balancing these two needs is an interesting challenge.

A mix of English and Japanese

While Japanese is the official language of the company, we provide English translations of any announcements, and use English when talking on an individual basis with English speakers.

For some specific teams, such as our Machine Learning team, we’re taking an English-first approach to allow us to attract talent from all over the world.

Fully remote

We work remote-first, and you can work from anywhere in the world. Note that if you’re not already based in Japan, we don’t provide any visa or relocation support.

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