Website localization in just a few simple steps. is a website localization service. Our users want to provide their website in multiple languages. We strive to provide the simplest and most powerful solution to our users, without compromising on features. Quality and utility are of the utmost importance to us. This means providing a top-class experience for our users that is easy to use.

A friendly and supportive environment

We’re not just passionate about hard technical ability, and put an emphasis on soft skills as well. This can be felt through small things, like saying “Good morning” to each other on Slack, or through our code review guidelines that don’t just talk about engineering considerations but also emotional ones.

We reduce scope rather than working overtime

We embrace the agile methodology scrum, using a kanban board to track tasks. While we do create estimates, we understand that it’s impossible to always create accurate estimates, and we’re comfortable with reducing scope of our sprints when this happens. We’re focused on long term productivity, and so don’t work overtime.

Great mobility from within

As a fast growing company, our team is constantly expanding. We like to promote from within, and so there will be opportunities for you to take on new responsibilities and grow your career.

Our service is also incredibly broad, encompassing such varied things as a JavaScript widget, server-side middlewares, and mobile and desktop applications. We encourage our engineers to follow their interests, and so if you’re someone who wants to dabble with new technologies, you’ll have the chance to do so.

A huge scale for a small team

WOVN’s backend serves hundreds of requests per second and our database contains billions of records. Thanks to using modern technology, we’ve been able to do this with a relatively small team. If you’re someone who enjoys thinking about performance, there will be plenty of interesting challenges for you.

We embrace diversity

80% of our engineers are from abroad, hailing from countries such as Russia, Guatemala, United States, Canada, Korea, Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, France, Germany, and Norway. We welcome anyone overseas looking to relocate to Japan to apply and help make our team even more culturally diverse.

Though our founders are Japanese, we’re not your typical salaryman gig. We encourage our employees to express their individuality. This can be as basic as how you dress, we don’t care if you have piercings or tattoos, and extends to encouraging everyone contributing their own viewpoints about how the business should be run and improved.

We default to English

The engineering team uses English as our common language. Being a company with many Japanese clients, much of our business staff is Japanese, though many of them are bilingual as well. As an engineer, you won’t be expected to know Japanese, though of course there’ll be opportunities if you want to use it. When necessary, we employ translation, and even have interpreters on staff that can participate in meetings.

Partially remote

Each team sets its own policy regarding remote work. For the engineers, most of the teams have a policy to come to the office at least twice per two-week sprint.

Open Jobs at WOVN

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Developer stories

Jerome joined WOVN as a backend engineer. Keeping things performant was a big technical challenge, as they have hundreds of requests per second and billions of records in their database. To top it off, for a time it was just him and one other developer responsible for the backend.

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Kseniya, a backend developer, was attracted to WOVN because it was a place where she could be herself, and wouldn’t be judged by her coloured hair, piercing, or tattoos. She found that flexibility extended to how they work, and people strived to create an emotionally supportive workplace too.

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As a developer, Torkel liked making improvements to processes for things like documentation and meetings. So when he was asked to become a product owner, he seized the opportunity to improve how WOVN develops software.

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