Bringing Japan's wonderful local services market online.

At Zehitomo, our innovative and diverse team shares a vision of empowering and interconnecting the society around us. Our team is creative, inspired and dedicated to making an awesome platform, and we welcome like-minded talent to join us! Come help change the way people find and hire service professionals in Japan by applying today.

We’re a fast-growing startup (Series B fundraised 820 mils 2020) developing AI web platform for local services at 47 Todohuken (prefectures) in Japan, which helps local workers and users to encounter wonderful commissions/services they ever haven’t reached out to or even haven’t known yet in their present offline community. We are looking for new members who join us and achieve great empowerment of the local society and realize the fair successes and happiness of local workers and users!

Traits of Engineers at Zehitomo

  • Self-starters that thrives on interesting challenges
  • Put the customer first, not the technology
  • Are personally rewarded from mentoring other engineers
  • Data-driven decision makers
  • Effectively communicate with non-technical employees
  • Considerate team players

Japanese Policy

For engineering positions, Zehitomo generally doesn’t require Japanese ability, but there are some employees working there that can’t speak English fluently, so the more Japanese you know the better.

Zehitomo requires business-level in either Japanese or English and a willingness to try speaking in the other.


  • VISA support and a one-way airplane ticket for foreigners outside of Japan
  • Flexible and remote working style
  • Free snacks and drinks at our Office

Our response to COVID-19

Since our core focus is in helping local area professionals find new clientele to work with (and vice versa), professionals and their clients are more open than ever to working together online. With this in mind, we continue to encourage and help service providers move their businesses online as much as possible to help them weather COVID-19 impacts.

We moved our engineering and product teams to remote work in March. All meetings are conducted online, and we make use of several convenient SaaS tools to help us brainstorm and get our work done. Since we can’t hold events in our office for now, we have moved all of our social events online as well. Currently, if an employee wishes to, they can come to the office up to once per week.

We’re still hiring, including for overseas candidates looking to relocate to Japan. However, we understand that visa sponsorship may be a slower process for the next several months, and that travel restrictions may remain in place for some time. With this in mind, we are more than happy to start working remotely together until we are able to bring an international hire to Japan. However, by the nature of our entire team working in or near Tokyo, international hires will still need to overlap part of their work day with ours so that we can help onboard them effectively and better support their work.

Open Jobs at Zehitomo

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