Japan's leading groupware provider.

Our four key products (Cybozu Office, Mailwise, Garoon and Kintone) are used daily by over 160,000 companies and non-profits worldwide. As we continue to expand our business globally, we’re looking for individuals from all walks of life, with unique and diverse life stories and lived experiences. We offer the flexibility you need to work your way within a supportive, motivated, teamwork-driven environment.

Focusing on our vision led to radical change.

To understand Cybozuʼs vision, you first have to understand a little bit of our history. In 2005, we were fighting to survive. Our stock lost half its value, and turnover reached an all-time high of 27%. Every week, we held another goodbye party. Morale was at its lowest.

We needed radical change. Our company goal was to “build a society brimming with teamwork,” but we hadnʼt even succeeded internally.

We decided that change needed to start from within. We spent years of trial-and-error trying to figure out what principles our company should adopt in order to build internal teamwork. Not everyone was on board, and many quit along the way.

After a while, our focus and efforts started to pay off. We settled on four, easy-to-understand teamwork principles that everyone within the company was able to get behind. We developed our products in line with those principles, to ensure that our vision permeated through every endeavour.

The results were staggering. Our stock recovered and then some. Our turnover has been below 5% for the last decade. We still have goodbye parties, but far more welcome parties.

The four principles guiding Cybozu’s teamwork are…

  • Share a common vision. To get anywhere as a team, you first have to agree to move in the same direction. For Cybozu, that direction is toward a society brimming with teamwork. Our overarching vision is not only what guides our projects and corporate strategy, but also the defining factor we use in problem solving and conflict arbitration.
  • Be yourself and take responsibility. Once you know where you’re going, the next step is to efficiently share roles and responsibilities. Dividing tasks requires a team of individuals who take responsibility for their actions. But true responsibility isn’t blindly following orders — it’s being true to ourselves, recognizing what we can contribute, and delivering on the promises we make. This confluence of self-evaluation and autonomy is what we decided to group together as “be yourself and take responsibility.”
  • Be transparent. After roles are divided, itʼs important that we all coordinate our efforts. This coordination requires from every member what is known in Japanese as koumeiseidai. It translates to public (公), clear (明), honest (正), and big (⼤). In other words, we must strive to make our thoughts and actions public, clear enough for anyone to understand, honest to the truth of the matter, and convey them with a loud enough voice so that all those concerned can hear.
  • Embrace individuality. A big part of teamwork in the modern knowledge economy is recognizing that team members know best how to do their own work. At Cybozu, we call this process “100 people, 100 workstyles.” But policies are only truly flexible if people feel comfortable using them. To support team members and allow customized workstyles, it’s important we not judge one another based on personal preferences. As long as we are working toward a common vision, our stance is always to embrace individuality.

Successful in Japan, growing globally

While we’ve had success overseas, it hasn’t been to the same extent as our success domestically. We’re looking to change this, and as part of this, we’ve created a new team that communicates primarily in English and is a mix of Japanese, international people already based in Japan, and those looking to relocate here. To help engineers be successful in our company irregardless of their Japanese abilities, we’ve created an in-house multilingual communication support team that provides interpretation and translation services and facilitates cross-cultural understanding.

Open and flexible work environment

We believe that to realize our vision of a society brimming with teamwork, we need diverse individuals to collaborate effectively in an open and flexible work environment. We provide each team member with the opportunity to be themselves and figure out the workstyle that best suits them, as long as they are transparent and take responsibility for their actions.

One of Japan’s top 3 best workplaces

We have won numerous awards for our commitment to creating an amazing work environment, including being repeatedly featured as one of Japan’s top 3 best workplaces according to workplace assessment firm Great Place to Work®. We also rank consistently among the best workplaces for women and young employees.

Frequent opportunities to improve yourself

Our team is brimming with people who like to learn. You’ll find that other members are frequently holding internal tech talks (more than 10 a week!). We value this incredibly, as many of our products have been born out of them. We support you going to external tech events and conferences too, considering them to be part of your work, and covering any costs for participation.


As our products help businesses be more productive, it’s natural that we use them ourselves. This means you’ll get to see the products you’re working on from a user’s perspective, and be able to identify any bugs or pain points.


Remote Work
  • You can choose the work location nationwide, whether at one of our offices or from home.
  • Note that the Sapporo, Sendai, and Yokohama offices are designated for specific divisions, such as the sales team, only.
  • Smoking is prohibited in all office areas, except for designated smoking rooms in some areas.
  • Two days off per week (Saturday and Sunday), Japanese national holidays
  • New Year’s vacation(December 29th - January 3rd)
  • Annual paid leave. Up to 20 days in your first year, with the number of days depending on the month that you join.
  • 5 days of Proactive Personal Leave and 5 days of Family Care and Personal Sick Leave
Working Hours
  • In principle, you’ll work from 9:00 to 18:00
  • Depending on the team, you may be able to work flextime
Relocation Support
  • Relocation support is only available for specific positions.
  • If you’re not based in Japan yet, will provide assistance with sponsoring your visa, airfare, and moving expenses (up to a certain amount).
  • We’ll also help you get started once you land, with help completing official registration procedures, temporary accommodation after you arrive, and support in your housing search.

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