About DMM Eikaiwa

DMM Eikaiwa is an online language platform that offers one-on-one lessons to students from around the world. We currently provide over 1 million lessons per month, making us one of the largest English schools on the internet. We produce our own teaching materials, run our own language-teaching platform, and provide the platform as a service to other educational institutions around the world.

As a company our mission is to make online learning (and teaching) fun, easy and affordable. Although most of our students are from Japan, DMM Eikaiwa has students and teachers from nearly every country in the world. With over 11,000 private tutors, we’re one of the most effective and affordable ways to learn a new language.

We’re part of DMM.com, one of Japan’s biggest and most well-known digital companies. Our language service was launched in 2013 and has quickly become an industry leader for one-on-one language learning.

Managed by engineers

Our team is managed by engineers, who value avoiding meetings and any other unnecessary distractions. This includes making sure everyone has the best tools available, and also means making sure that people have the flexibility to work in the way that suits them best, so they can focus on building.

Small, international team

We are a small team (currently about twenty people), with members from all over the world. Communication within the team is primarily in English, although there are plenty of chances to speak Japanese as well! We believe in equality of opportunity, and value the diversity of our team in all its forms. There is always someone with a different perspective, which makes for an interesting place to work.

We all have a say in the products we make

The team includes dedicated customer support, manual testing, and sysops specialists, so engineers and designers can focus on their primary jobs. As a small team, we all have a say in the products we make, and love discussing how to improve them together—everyone can feel the impact they have personally had on our products. If you have heard the horror stories of working for big Japanese companies, don’t worry, they don’t apply to us. Instead, we offer a great work environment in the heart of Tokyo and the opportunity to build services that make a difference in the lives of hundreds of thousands of language learners.

We help you relocate to Japan

For those moving to Japan to join us, we offer help relocating:

  • Full visa sponsorship and application assistance
  • Moving expenses and airfares
  • First two months accommodation, and help finding a place to live
  • Company provided guarantor for first rental contract
  • Assistance from a bilingual team member when registering at the city office, creating bank accounts, etc


  • Flexible remote work policy (fully remote until it’s safe to return to the office).
  • Flextime. No core hours so you work the hours and days that suit you.
  • No overtime.
  • Modern tools and equipment provided by the company.
  • Company health insurance and pension contributions.
  • Commuting allowance (if applicable).
  • Free language lessons.

Hiring Process

We will review and respond to all applications. If we feel you might be a good fit for our team, you’ll start our interview process:

  1. Initial Interview. A 30 minute interview with one or two of our engineers. We’ll talk about your experiences, our team and projects, and answer any questions you might have.
  2. Coding Interview. Using Coderpad, we’ll go through a series of programming questions together, ranging from algorithms to code design. This interview usually takes about 60-90 minutes.
  3. Project. We’ll ask you to complete a short project (less than a day’s work) based on the work you’d be doing on our team. You may use whichever language and framework you like.

After the project we will quickly make a decision on whether to extend an offer or not.

Our response to COVID-19

As an online language learning platform, we’ve seen huge user growth and even bigger utilization during this crisis.

We’re still hiring, and open to overseas candidates who are looking to relocate to Tokyo once travel is possible again. Until then, you’d work remotely.

For our existing employees, we started a full remote work program back in March 2020 (we’d previously allowed remote as an option). We’ve been talking to everyone regularly to gauge how they’re doing in this stressful time.

About the position

As a data analyst on our Engineering team, you will play an instrumental role in the planning and setting of the overall direction for the company. You will also provide the business and technology teams with insights that drive growth. The main responsibilities of this position include querying and running statistical analysis on our data, measuring the impact of various initiatives, identifying opportunities for improvement, and effectively communicating these insights to stakeholders within the organization.

In addition, you will help in the setting, measuring, and monitoring of data-driven KPI’s and create visualization dashboards to help management track performance. You will often work directly with C-level management, as well as interact with people at all levels of the organization, both technical and non-technical making strong communication skills a must


Nice to haves

These aren’t required, but be sure to mention them in your application if you have them.

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