Money Forward

Minato-ku, Tokyo

Tools to improve financial health.

Money Forward is a fintech startup delivering tools to visualize and improve both individuals’​ and companies’​ financial health. Our BtoC service “Money Forward”​, is the largest personal financial management application in Japan. Through web, smartphone and tablet, we automatically integrate data from over 2,600 data sources and deliver the service to more than five million users. Our BtoB service is a SaaS based solution, “MF Cloud series”​, a cloud solution for back office optimization. We serve more than five hundred thousand businesses.

We’re transitioning to an English environment

In September 2021, we decided to transition to an English environment for our engineering team. We expect this transition to be completed by 2024.

Our teams already use English for documentation, and even among our Japanese team members, many already have the ability to communicate in English (especially when it comes to reading and writing).

As new engineers who don’t speak Japanese join our teams, it’s our expectation that the other members use English to communicate with them. Though this will be a new challenge for them, everyone is enthusiastic about making this switch.

Great support for OSS

At Money Forward, we encourage employees to contribute to OSS. We have hired OSS contributors to be our technical advisers, and have made agreements with some full-time employees to devote a percentage of their work time to contribute to OSS. Furthermore, even when making OSS contributions on work time, you’ll be able to retain the copyright as an individual.

Relocation support for overseas candidates

For positions marked as “Apply from Abroad”, if you aren’t based in Japan yet, we’ll sponsor your visa, provide you with a flight to Japan, give you a signing bonus, and provide a fully furnished apartment for the first month.

Flexible working hours

Work when you want, as we offer flexible working hours with no core time.

Partially remote

We take a hybrid approach to remote work, with everyone working from the office at least one day per week.

Open Jobs at Money Forward

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