RPA by artificial intelligence.

Our main product is AIScanRobo – a system for extraction of relevant information from printed documents for automating routine office work. We already have over 100 B2B customers for it, and demand is growing. Additionally, we are working on several other, client-specific projects based on such technologies as computer vision, NLP etc.

No compulsory overtime

Most of our engineers work little to no overtime, rarely going over ten hours per month. However, there are a couple of people in engineering who regularly put in much longer hours, but this is never something we ask for, it is voluntary.

Small, international team

Our company has a bit over twenty people, with ten in engineering. All of our engineering team is from international backgrounds, and we use English internally. The rest of the company is all-Japanese, and the majority of our customers are Japanese companies, so internal meetings outside the engineering department are held in Japanese or a mixture of Japanese and English.


Remote Work

You can work remotely from anywhere in Japan, and even abroad for a limited period (for example working some days during a vacation back home). If you prefer working in an office though, we have one in a calm but easily accessible central part of Tokyo.

Working Hours

Our core hours are 10:00 to 15:00. Outside of that, you can set your own hours, so long as you meet an average of eight hours per day over the month (weekends and national holidays are excluded to give a fixed number of β€œworkdays” for the month).

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