Building best-in-class companies.

WAY is a company builder on a mission to team up with exceptional founders and experts to create best-in-class software companies that solve our customer’s toughest problems. We act like a co-founder, providing our companies with expertise, money, and resources.

Build a startup without the personal risk

Building a startup can be incredibly rewarding and exciting. However, it also often involves a great deal of personal risk. WAY helps mitigate this risk.

We provide founding partners with enough seed funding so they can draw a salary necessary to support themselves, along with building a small team.

We also thoroughly validate the opportunities we provide the partners, allowing them to start with proven and validated business models.

Our Values

  • Relentless optimism. You take setbacks in stride and keep pushing through the challenges of building from scratch.
  • Energy and execution. You outwork and out-deliver, contributing to a culture of excellence.
  • Collaboration and respect. You are a team player who works hard for the collective, respects the unique strengths and lived experiences of others, and celebrates victories as shared wins.
  • Being a team player. You work hard so that everyone wins.
  • Growth mindset. You are ready to embrace the unknown rather than be overwhelmed by it. You proactively seek problems and are engineered to build solutions.
  • Grit. You have a deep capacity for focused effort and know how to channel it in the right places.
  • Future focused. You understand where the world is today and want to build businesses that will continue to be relevant in a world 100 years from now.


Remote Work
  • During the launch period, you’ll work primarily at the office with us
  • You can work remotely when you wish to but the focus is to spend time together

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