About Zeals

Meguro, Tokyo

Omotenashi revolution with chatbot.

About the position


  • Extracting domain logic from existing applications, design and re-implement it in golang
  • Handling CI/CD for microservices for development and deployment
  • Able to design and implement application that can handle large scale of event-driven system
  • Continuously Improving performance of existing microservices
  • Participate in code review, having strong sense of software/code quality and maintainability
  • Able to understand business requirements, design and implement MVP that achieve the requirements


  • Profession in development flow based on git
  • More than 1 year of go application development.
  • Able to implement a simple HTTP server by golang without using any non-builtin libraries.
  • Strong understanding on concurrency programming powered by gorouties
  • Able to design and implement application that easy to change, developing modules using interfaces
  • Strong sense on unit tests, able to write table driven tests using the standard library
  • Able to conduct continuous testing using tools like CircleCI and Github Actions
  • Strong understanding on RDB, able to write queries or ORM in the application to query data in high performance

Nice to haves

While not required, tell us if you have any of the following.

  • Able to use library like Ginkgo to write structured unit tests
  • Strong understanding on docker and able to polish compact application with container
  • Experienced with microservices design and gRPC protocol
  • Experienced with In-memory database like Redis
  • Experienced with NoSQL database like MongoDB or Cassandra
  • Understanding or experience with cloud environment like GCP, AWS or Azure
  • Able to design architecture and application able to tolerate with small unavailability in other part of the system
  • Strong sense of idempotence, able to design applications that work well with idempotence.
  • Experienced with design of product that provide audio or video players
  • Experienced with user targeting, segmentation features
  • Design experience on large scale of user action data pipeline and analysis
  • Experienced with developing payment or ordering system


  • Annual salary: 5M - 9M JPY(Gross) + another package

    It will be decided considering your experience, skills and market price of the place you live.

  • Bonus: twice/year
  • Salary review: twice/year
  • probation: 3 months

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About Zeals

Meguro, Tokyo

Omotenashi revolution with chatbot.

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