Digital transformation of earthmoving.

EARTHBRAIN is a spinout of Komatsu Ltd, the world’s second-largest multinational construction equipment manufacturer. It offers Smart Construction technology which streamlines the construction process through automation and provides earthmoving contractors increased collaboration, efficiency, productivity, and safety.

Smart Construction has already deployed at over 15,000 job sites across Japan and is used in over 27 countries around the world. We are excited to be expanding to the North American market.

Extracting untapped value with digital transformation

Using Smart Construction, we’re able to extract previously untapped value with our revolutionary digital transformation solutions and services. Specifically, we

  • create a digital twin to visualize the job site
  • run multiple simulations to create the optimal work plan
  • guide and control equipment and resources based on the digital work plan
  • monitor job site progress remotely and digitally
  • continue to further optimize the work plan based on job site progress and remove future issue

Autonomy for our engineers

Our engineers can participate in technology selection, detailed design, and implementation decisions. Task estimation is primarily led by the team members responsible for implementation. The team swiftly keeps major technology components, such as the development language and frameworks, up to date.

Dedicated to high quality code

All production code undergoes code reviews or pair programming. Refactoring is scheduled regularly, with rules like dedicating several hours per week, although specifics may vary by team. There are coding standards, and mechanisms for changing these rules. An environment is set up to automatically run regression tests on submitted code.

We use agile development

While the exact practices vary from team to team, we’re committed to agile development. This can include daily stand-ups, regular retrospectives, estimating using relative points not absolute measures like days,

We follow best practices in our development workflow

All code is managed using version control tools, with merges done by team members through Pull Requests. Building and deploying is automated, and can be done with a single command. We manage our infrastructure configurations as code.

Increasingly international

As we expand globally, are team is becoming increasingly international. Currently, a bit over 10% of our 80+ members are non-Japanese, hailing from countries such as Vietnam, Poland, and India. Among projects involving our international members, we often use English to communicate.


Remote Work
  • Work from Home
  • Office attendance is required two days a week as a general rule
  • Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays off
  • Paid leave ranging from 2 to 10 days granted upon joining (number varies based on start date)
  • New Years holidays
  • 5 days of summer vacation from July to September (separate from paid leave)
Working Hours
  • Flextime with no core hours
  • You can work anytime between 5am and 10pm
  • Employees work 8 regular hours per day


Developer stories

Paul is the AI Lead at EARTHBRAIN, where he’s been tasked with building out their AI roadmap and AI team. He talks about the opportunities for AI technologies in the construction industry, what sort of team he hopes to build and what projects he expects to be working on.

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