About Nanameue

Nanameue’s mission is to create a place where you belong. We have several products, including Yay!, an app that lets you talk to friends of the same age, about the same interests and likes, DataWow, a data management platform combining AI and human power, and Posmoni, a content moderation API platform combining AI and human power.

Team of professionals

Don’t be a big fish in a small pond, get to know the vast ocean! Our international team of professionals in diverse fields are hard at work in Tokyo. Their cooperative, humble approach will support your development.

Giving our best

You will be surrounded by people who are not satisfied with the status quo and have high expectations. By incorporating the latest technology and working diligently, new models are constantly being created. Give your best to create a better world.

Free and open

Each member has their own responsibilities and freedoms based on their positions. Thus, an environment for making a big impact with a small team is achieved.

A global company

Half of the employees, whose average age is 26, do not speak Japanese. The common tools are all in English, which is the official company language. We promise a career with a global outlook.


  • Competitive salary and bonus plus standard social security insurance
  • Re-location assistance to help you start your life in Tokyo including first-time airfare to Tokyo and put you in AirBNB for a few weeks while you searching for the dream house.
  • Unquestionable for any gears that you want, MBP, large screen even good chair (unfortunately, pajamas are not included; though, we trying to get it approved soon)
  • Free snacks, fresh fruits, and drinks of course!
  • Train fare or if you lived near the office, we even give 20k JPY monthly for your house
  • Company paid for 50% of your new mobile device every year
  • We help you pay for books, language course, fitness membership, conference ticket, and even paid apps

Our response to COVID-19

Our business hasn’t been directly impacted by COVID-19. We’ve been working fully remotely, but are moving back to the office, with a policy for social distancing and mask wearing. For international candidates looking to relocate to Japan, we can hire you remotely first until the travel restrictions are lifted, then we will begin the visa process.

About the position


This position is closed and is no longer accepting applications.

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