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Software Engineer, Backend

Roppongi, Tokyo

About Mercari

Mercari is a marketplace app that makes it easy for people to safely sell and ship their things. Launched in 2013, the Mercari app has been downloaded over 100M times, and is now among the largest peer-to-peer selling platforms globally.

Our mission

The world is full of objects and services being produced and sold, but many of them are thrown away without people realizing that they might be valuable to someone else, wasting valuable natural resources. To contribute towards eliminating waste, we have launched Mercari, a marketplace where people can buy and sell easily and safely.

The goal of the engineering organization

At Mercari, our organization constantly welcomes changes and new challenges, cooperates and co-creates, is diverse, offers freedom, and encourages all of us to take ownership and make our own decisions.

We are open to overseas candidates looking to relocate to Japan, and will support you in obtaining your visa.

About the position

Although the Mercari API was designed and implemented as a monolithic API, we are working on migrating the API to microservices. This will allow us to divide responsibilities and make technological investments for a stronger system and organization capable of handling even greater expansion. Of course, we will continue to run our services as we implement these changes, and we aim to make daily improvements to provide an even better experience for our customers.

We are seeking backend engineers who can work proactively and independently during the team's current stage, taking ownership over various discussions, developing features, providing spec feedback, and making technical decisions.


  • Design, development, and operation of Mercari's API and web app using Go and PHP
  • Design, development, and operation of tools to support the customer support team and planning-related work
  • Design, development, and operation of various microservices making up the Mercari API
  • Lead the team's development


  • Strong understanding of the company mission and values
  • A minimum of 5 years backend software development, or equivalent, experience
  • Experience with design, development, and operation of backend APIs using Go
  • Knowledge of and experience with software test including unit testing, functional testing, e2e testing
  • Knowledge of and experience with optimization of queries and data model design for the efficient usage of RDBMS and NoSQL databases.
  • Cloud development experience (preferably GCP, or AWS)
  • Experience with team development using Git/Github or similar version management systems
  • Ability to design, develop and operate large-scale services in heavy traffic scenarios
  • Experience with project management and/or team leadership

Application instructions

Apply Now Please mention "Tokyo Dev" in the referral section.

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