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Founding Software Engineer

Citadel AI Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
  • 💴 No salary range given
  • 🏡 Partially remote
  • 🧪 Minimum years of experience unspecified
  • 💬 No Japanese required
  • 🌏 Apply from abroad
  • 🧳 Relocate to Japan

About Citadel AI

Citadel AI Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Citadel AI builds products to test and monitor high-risk AI systems. Our mission is to make the world's AI systems more reliable and trustworthy.

Key benefits

  • International team and global customers
  • World-class engineering team
  • Significant ownership and impact

About the position

We’re hiring engineers to work side-by-side with our CTO (Kenny) to develop our suite of products for machine learning reliability. Our first product is Citadel Radar, which provides data and model monitoring. ‍ Specifically, we’re hiring for ML, backend, or frontend. Past engineering projects include:

  • ML: An engine for generating adversarial examples and explanations on tabular data
  • Backend: A high-throughput API server with a distributed task queue for computing data drift and data anomalies
  • Frontend: An interactive web dashboard for diagnosing data and model problems, using D3.js and Chart.js

In this job, you’ll learn about the frontiers and limitations of machine learning, and think about how we can fix them. You don’t need to know everything – if you join, we’ll teach you what you need to know. If you are already an ML expert, you may read papers in adversarial ML, XAI, and MLSys. We hope that’s exciting!

We’re a small, agile team, so if your focus is backend, you’ll also learn about and make contributions to the ML and frontend. As a founding engineer, you’ll also help define our products, establish our engineering principles, and grow our company.

Some technologies we use: Docker, Gunicorn, Redis, TensorFlow Extended, D3.js, Chart.js, and many Python ML libraries.

Compensation will be a negotiable combination of salary and equity.‍

Job requirements

Our company, market, and technology are new and growing rapidly, so you’ll often spend time learning new things. As a result, we value the ability to learn fast over pre-existing knowledge.

You should have software engineering experience in backend, frontend, or machine learning. In addition to your core focus, you should be open to learning and moving across the stack when necessary.

Nice-to-have (not required): you’ve worked at a startup before, or you have experience with production machine learning.

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