About Chomp

Chomp is a iOS app that makes it easy to share your food experiences with friends. Photos you take are automatically tagged with the restaurant’s data so all you need to do is take a snap of your food.

Our team is eight members in total, with six of them being developers. We’re split between Tokyo and San Francisco. We embrace remote work, but we’re looking for developers who can work out of our Tokyo office at least a couple days per week.

Internally, we use English to communicate, and our product is aimed at an international audience, so there’s no need for you to speak Japanese. We also welcome candidates who aren’t based in Japan yet, but are looking to relocate here.

About the position

As a Ruby on Rails Engineer, you’ll be working on our backend that serves a GraphQL API. Besides the Rails development itself, you’ll also help with running our infrastructure using AWS services (ECS, RDS, Cloud Formation, Cognito, etc).

You may fit this role if you:


This position is closed and is no longer accepting applications.

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