This position is closed and is no longer accepting applications.

Senior MLOps Software Engineer [RCR]

RevComm Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
    💴 ¥7M ~ ¥15M annually
    🏡 Fully remote
    🧪 5+ years experience required
    💬 No Japanese required
    🌏 Apply from abroad
    🧳 Relocate to Japan

About RevComm

RevComm Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

RevComm develops and delivers the best in class AI-powered voice transcription and analytics platform that helps businesses streamline their voice communication at all levels.

Key benefits

  • Work on best-in class products
  • Grow as an engineer
  • Ownership and leadership valued

About the position

RevComm Research (RCR) is an independent division within RevComm that specializes in leveraging AI technology to invent novel forms of communication. With a primary focus on speech recognition, natural language processing, and multimodal AI, RCR is dedicated to visualizing diverse aspects of previously imperceptible communication.

About the team

As a member of the ML Platform team you will have an opportunity to empower machine learning engineers with a premier ML platform that enhances productivity and fosters innovation. We are committed to delivering robust, scalable solutions that integrate seamlessly with business objectives, driving data-driven decisions and contributing to the strategic success of the organization.

About the team’s values

Scalability and Flexibility: The team should prioritize building systems that can efficiently scale to handle increasing data volumes and more complex models, while also being flexible enough to adapt to new technologies and methodologies. This ensures that the ML infrastructure can support a wide range of applications and can evolve with the rapidly advancing field of ML.

Reproducibility and Reliability: Ensuring that ML models are reproducible and reliable is fundamental. This means focusing on version control, model tracking, and robust testing. The team should implement practices that ensure models perform consistently and predictably in production. This involves rigorous testing, monitoring, and validation of models to maintain their accuracy and reliability over time.

Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing: Given the interdisciplinary nature of ML projects, fostering a culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing within the team and across the organization is essential. This includes clear communication, shared understanding of goals and challenges, and the seamless integration of ML platforms with other parts of the tech stack. Encouraging a culture where team members share insights, learn from each other, and collaboratively tackle problems can lead to more innovative solutions and a more cohesive team environment.


As a Senior Software Engineer at RCR, you will be at the forefront of driving the success of our machine learning researchers and shaping the future of AI-powered communication.

Your role might include:

  • Collaborating closely with our machine learning researchers to design, build, and operate critical machine learning services and systems, such as speech recognition and speech emotion recognition, that underpin our innovative research and product features.
  • Focusing on automation and efficiency enhancements to streamline the research-to-production pipeline, ultimately enabling researchers to be more productive.


  • 5+ years of experience as a software engineer
  • Strong knowledge of object oriented programming, server architecture and design patterns
  • Advanced knowledge of at least one high level language
  • Cloud experience
  • Strong background in container technologies
  • A track record of designing and developing systems with an emphasis on performance, robustness, and redundancy
  • Experience working collaboratively in a team environment

Nice to haves

While not specifically required, tell us if you have any of the following.

  • Experience with a range of MLOps tools and LLMOps tools
  • Experience with ML Frameworks
  • Experience with ML Infrastructure
  • Experience with Model Versioning
  • Experience with Data Versioning
  • Experience with Feature Store
  • Experience with Experimentation
  • Experience with Data Preparation
  • Competence in setting up and managing CI/CD
  • Experience with workflow engines
  • Previous experience as a tech lead


7 to 15 million JPY annually.

Hiring Process

  1. 1


    Online interview with the engineering manager.

  2. 2

    Online coding exam

    A coding exam via our skill check platform “HireRoo”.

  3. 3

    Final interview

    Online interview with CTO.

  4. 4


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