Developer Jobs in Japan

Back-End Engineer

Shibuya, Tokyo


HENNGE is a leading cloud security provider, with their flagship product HENNGE One having more than 3 million users. They are looking to increase their global talent, both by hiring full time engineers, and by providing internships for university students and recent grads. As their official language is English, no Japanese ability is required.

HENNGE's founder is highly technical, and so it has a strong developer culture. They believe in adopting new technology, even if it is immature, as learning from failure will help them build the best products for their customers. Diversity is a core value for them, as it fosters an environment that encourages innovation and learning through open discussion of new ideas. They focus on being productive, rather than working long hours, and so there isn't a culture of overtime.

About the position

As a Back-End Engineer you'll develop HENNGE cloud services on AWS or other cloud platforms.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Development on cloud infrastructure (AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Azure, etc)
  • Implementation experience of network server
  • Enjoy open source culture and hacker culture

Preferred Qualifications

  • BS, MS or PhD in Computer Science or a related technical field
  • Experience in Software Engineering, Algorithms, Problem solving
  • Development experience in Python or Golang
  • Knowledge of UNIX/Linux environments
  • Familiarity with TCP/IP and network programming

Application instructions

  1. Complete HENNGE's online admission challenge using the entry code "tokyodev".
  2. After solving the challenge, you'll be sent an email including further application instructions.
  3. If you pass the programming challenge and resume screening, then HENNGE will notify you to schedule an interview. This can be done either via skype or face-to-face.
  4. For interns, once you pass the interview, you'll be eligible to join the internship. For full time hires, once you pass the interview, you'll be required to complete a two week trial before joining. HENNGE will cover the cost of your flights to Japan, and provide a basic stipend to cover accommodations and living costs, but it will otherwise be unpaid.
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